4 Questions and Answers About Life
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by Brother Craig

MY FRIEND, I want to give you four important questions and answers about life. It is my prayer that this will help you understand very important matters concerning life, our existence, the existence of God, and so much more. Please! I encourage you, do not close this page. These are all based upon God’s word, the Bible.

  1. Where did we come from and why do we exist?

    We are told in Genesis 1:27 that “God created man in His own image”. We exist today because in just 6 days, God created the heavens and the earth, plant and animal life, and He created man. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. (Psalm 139:14). You were created by God to serve and worship Him (Eccl. 12:13) but He does not force you to do that. He gives you a choice.

  2. Is Evolution or Creation true?

    There are two models proposed to explain the existence of the universe and the vibrant array of life found on the earth. They are the creation model and the evolution model. Let’s briefly examine these two models and see where the evidence fits best. The creation model reflects what is said in the Bible, which claims to be God’s inerrant Word. It states that God, in six days, created the universe and all that is in it. The Bible then tells us how sin and death entered the world, and how God later judged the earth in a worldwide flood. The evolution model states that billions of years ago, through random, undirected forces, the universe formed itself, and then life formed from non-life and then, over millions of years, evolved into more complex forms.

    Many people believe that science has proven the theory of evolution and disproved the Bible, and that faith in God as creator is contrary to reasonable thought. But that is not true! In fact, there are many thousands of scientists world-wide who believe that scientific evidence greatly favors the creation model over the evolutionary model! Many of us would be surprised that what was recently proclaimed as evolutionary “proof” is no longer believed. Once-heralded findings and ideas such as Piltdown Man, Lucy, embryonic recapitulation, vestigial organs, horse evolution, Archaeopteryx, and many others, have since quietly fallen to the wayside as mistakes and frauds. The theory of evolution is itself evolving as new findings disprove old ideas and new theories replace outdated ones.

    On the other hand, God’s word remains unchanged, and no evidence contradicts it. You may say, “but haven’t scientists proven that the earth is billions of years old through various dating methods?” No they have not. What most evolutionists won’t readily admit is that these dating methods are calibrated more by their beliefs than by science. In fact, there is much evidence that the earth is very young, just as the Bible says. Scientific measurements of current changes in the earth, if projected over just a few million years, show that the continents would be entirely eroded, the oceans choked with sediment, and the earth’s magnetic field entirely decayed! The earth is probably only about 6,000 to 7,000 years old Biblically!

    “Doesn’t the geologic column show a progression of organisms from bottom to top?” In some places it does, but not everywhere. The creation model attributes these layers to the Flood, whose waters and upheavals would have drastically changed the earth, instantly trapping millions of plants and animals beneath rushing layers of sediment and mud. Naturally, it would be predicted that in some places deep sea and less mobile animals would have been trapped first, while others headed for higher ground. Interestingly, we see good evidence for rapid burial in the remarkable fossils of delicate plants and animals such as jellyfish, as well as fossil trees penetrating vertically through sediment layers which evolutionists say took millions of years to form. One thing that has puzzled evolutionists for years is the entire lack of “transition” fossils between major groups of organisms. If, as they believe, fish changed into reptiles and so on, there should have been hundreds of functional intermediates. But of the handful of fossils put forth as “intermediates,” there is not even one that is truly convincing.

    Perhaps the biggest problem with evolution is the vastly enormous amount of genetic information found in even a “simple” cell, and the idea that this information originated randomly and then accumulated to produce more complex life forms. One might as well believe that millions of ink molecules randomly arranged themselves to produce these words. Even if they could, these words are not only words-they convey information that demands that an author exists, just as the information found on the DNA molecule demands that an intelligent Creator must exist. “The invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made” (Romans 1:20). The Bible tells us the truth about our past and our future. Evolution doesn’t love you, the Creator does.

  3. What about Religion? What is Salvation?

    “I’ve got my own religion.”. “Whatever you believe is alright”. “Everybody has their own beliefs”. “Just so you believe in something”. These are sayings which you will hear from many people today. They sound nice, and help to make people feel good, since their own beliefs are said to be as valid as those of anyone else. “After all,” some say, “can you really know anything for sure?” People who claim to have “the truth” are looked down upon as being arrogant and intolerant. For some reason, people can accept the idea that any religion is valid as long as it doesn’t claim to be the only true religion! Do you know why that is? It’s Satan’s (The Devil) way of getting people to believe anything but the one thing that will remove his grip on their souls. It is not true that all religious beliefs are of equal value. It is not true that “whatever you believe is alright.” The very fact that “everybody has their own beliefs” is what God says is man’s biggest problem-we have exchanged His truth for our beliefs. “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way.” (Isaiah 53:6). Man’s confused religions stand in opposition to God’s simple way to life. Man’s ways are the wide, tolerant, sin ignoring way that ends in destruction. “Broad is the way that leadeth to destruction…narrow is the way that leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” (Matthew 7:13,14). There is one sense in which it is true that what you believe doesn’t matter. What you believe, and what religious men have taught, does not change the truth! Just believing something doesn’t make it so. Jumping off the top of a skyscraper onto the street below will kill you, no matter how strongly you believe otherwise. Entering into eternity with the firm belief that there is no God, or that your beliefs or your works are good enough to merit his approval will not change the outcome: “Whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.” (Revelation 20:15).

    Truth is not a matter of opinion. Either something is true or it is false. Jesus Christ claims to be the truth. He did not say “I am a way,” but rather, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.” (John 14:6). When it comes to faith, it is not, “just so you believe something,” but “just so you believe Christ.” Faith in Jesus Christ, who laid down his life on the cross of Calvary and rose victoriously from the dead, is the only way to everlasting life and forgiveness of sins. Just as everyone has turned to his own way, each of us must individually turn from our rebellion. No one can save himself, since salvation is “not of works” (Ephesians 2:8-9). Because God is the One who saves, salvation is as certain as His promise: “He that heareth My word, and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath everlasting life and shall not come into condemnation, but is passed from death unto life.” (John 5:24). Jesus Christ is the only way. Won’t you stop rejecting Him, and by faith receive Him as your Saviour today?

  4. What Must I do to be Saved?

    Has what you read changed what you think about life, and who God is? All comforts and blessings and all peace and joy come from knowing Christ as your personal Savior from sin. My friend, you can be saved today if you will only believe. Why not trust Jesus today? Trust Christ before it is eternally too late (Hebrews 2:3)! You will die someday, where will you be? It is as easy as A-B-C to be saved. With all your heart, and simple child-like faith, sincerely Admit you’re a sinner, Believe in Jesus Christ, and Confess your sins to him. That is all there is to it. You could say something like, “God be merciful to me a sinner. I know I am deserving of hell. Come into my heart and save me. I want to start living my life for you. Thank You Lord for saving me. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!” Once you are saved, you should have a desire to give up all your past sins and start a new life of doing what pleases God (II Corinthians 5:17). You should get a King James Bible, study it daily and pray to God often. Also, start attending an “old fashioned” Bible believing church. My friend, after all this, only imagine life without Jesus Christ.