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Words of Praise and Comfort from the Hebrews
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(myY!m!w)rh* 10:1) .Wuv@W*y! rv#a& la@r*c=y! du^B= myh!l)al@ yt!L*p!t=W yb!b*l= Jp#j@ yj*a# 

Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. (Romans 10:1)

aWh hT*a^ yK! ,ml*w)ul= myc!T* ;M=u^ la@r*c=y!-lu^ br* mw)lv*
 ;M=u^-ta# Er@b*l= ;yn#yu@B= bw)fw= >mw)lV*h^ lk*l= /w)da* El#m#
                        >;m#w)lv=B! hu*v*-lk*b=W tu@-lk*B= la@r*c=y!
           >mw)lv*l=W myb!w)f myY!j^l= bt@K*n! hk*r*b=W myY!j^ rp#s@B=
                                      >mw)lV*h^ hc@w)u ,y*y= ,hT*a^ EWrB*
O Sovereign Lord of peace, let Israel Your people know enduring peace, for it is good in Your sight continually to bless Israel with Your peace. Teach us then to find our happiness in the search for righteousness and peace. Blessed is the Lord, the Source of peace. (Jewish prayer offered on Shabbat Shuvah)

                               ,lK)h^ /w)da&l^ j^B@v^l= Wnyl@u*
                            ,tyv!ar@B= rx@w)yl= hL*d%G= tt@l*
                        ,Jr#a* ds@w)yw= my!m^v* hf#w)n aWhv#
                             ,lu^M^m! my!m^V*B^ w)rq*y= bv^w)mW
                           >mym!w)rm= yh@b=g*B= w)Zu% tn^yk!v=W
                                   >dw)u /ya@ ,Wnyh@l)a$ aWh

                  myd!w)mW myw!j&T^v=m!W myu!r=w)K Wnj=n^a&w^
     >aWh EWrB* vw)dQ*h^ myk!l*M=h^ yk@l=m^ El#m# yn@p=l!
Let us adore the ever-living God, and render praise unto Him who spread out the heavens and established the earth, whose glory is revealed in the heavens above, and whose greatness is manifest throughout the world. He is our God; there is none else.

We therefore bow in awe and thanksgiving before the One who is Sovereign over all, the Holy One, blessed be He. (Concluding prayer made on Yowm Ha'atsma'ut)