The identity of the author of this work is strictly confidential, so as to protect him from possible reprisals by violent queer groups.

Homosexuality: Telling the Truth
Reprinted from an editorial in a local newspaper with author's permission

Since the occurrence of the "Sexual Revolution" of the '60s, there has been an increasing call for toleration and acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. This has risen to a fever pitch with President Clinton's call for the lifting of the ban on homosexuals from the military. The primary course for gaining this acceptance seems to be by using a "one-two punch" involving a negative and positive thrust. The negative thrust seeks to belittle those who oppose acceptance of homosexuals by calling them "homophobes" and "gay bashers". The positive thrust seeks to present examples of "normal, respectable, successful" people who are homosexuals and supposedly typical of homosexuals in general. This positive thrust seeks to convince the public that homosexuals and homosexuality pose no real threat to American society. A clear example of this thrust is the Chapel Hill Herald's hiring of David Jones to write a weekly column defending homosexual rights.

This "one-two punch" seems to be working. If it succeeds, it will be one of the greatest misinformation campaigns in modern history. Homosexuals and their lifestyle present a tremendous moral and spiritual threat to our nation. The impact of that fulfilled threat will also bring tremendous troubles to our economy and health. Those who argue against homosexual acceptance and promotion do not do so out of blind paranoia, bigotry, or self-deception, but on the basis of demonstrable facts.

While David Jones and others trumpet their length, single-partner relationships as if they were the norm, proven fact contradicts that picture. Two different studies report that homosexuals average at least 47 different partners a year1, most of whom are strangers2. This sexual activity involving so many strangers as partners spreads sexually transmitted diseases at incredible rates, with 70% to 78% of homosexuals reporting such disease3. Since 70% of gays swallow feces during their sexual encounters and at least 23% engage in urine-sex4, gays pass other diseases at high rates. Even without passing of disease, such behaviour revolts the average individual and is rightly called perversion.

The same desires that lead to unnatural and unsanitary sexual practices also lead to criminal behaviour. A study has shown that 90% of homosexuals admit using illegal drugs5. A large minority (37%) torture each other in sadomasochistic sex6. Homosexuals are 25 times more apt to commit suicide and 87 times more likely to be murdered than comparatively aged white males. In fact, the life span for homosexuals having AIDS is 39 years, and those not contracting the disease live to an average age of 427. Clearly the homosexual element will bring American society to new levels of crime and danger.

One of the real fears of those who oppose gay rights is that of recruitment. Society and our legal system condemn adults seducing or abusing minors. Yet, this behaviour is common among homosexuals. A 9-state study showed that of teachers caught molesting students, 33% of the males and 22% of the females were homosexual8, though another study showed only 3% of males and 2% of females engage in homosexuality9. Fully 1 out of 4 adult, white gays admit to having sex with boys 16 years old or younger10.

While we believe homosexuals should be protected by law from criminal activity like any other citizen, we believe that unnatural, unsanitary, and immoral sexual behaviour is a telling portrait of their whole lifestyle. That lifestyle is a danger to society. It endangers our health, our safety from crime, our children, the ability of our military to defend our country, and our standing before a holy God. The real "gap" concerning the present public argument over homosexuality is between the way the gay community wants to present itself and the way it really is.

End Notes

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