Contact Guidelines
Some Dos and Don'ts

Because of the increased volume of email which is being generated in conjunction with this site, I've found myself having to set up some guidelines for contacting me. These are mostly here to smooth out any friction that can otherwise result from communications across a medium like the internet.

Do send me the URLs of articles and/or websites which you feel might be in keeping with the aims of this website. Please remember though that "keeping with the aims of this website" will ultimately have to be determined by myself and the pastor of my local church.

Do email if you wish an elucidation or discussion about something you have read on here. Please understand, though, that I am very busy in "real life" and may not always get back to you as quickly as you or I would like. It might well be two or three days before I can give a detailed response. Please don't feel like I'm ignoring you because I don't get back right away (unless you've done one of the "don'ts" below....)

Do make some sort of coherent sense if and when you wish to question/challenge something you read here. Conspiracy theories, secret agendas, and other quackery will simply go down the memory hole. Anything about "Zionists", "Neo-Cons", "secret church suppression of Gnostic gospels" and other things of this sort will most likely fall into this category.

Don't email me if all you want to do is write me "scathing" letters about something you didn't like on this website. I will simply yawn and drop your correspondence down the memory hole. Don't assume that my lack of a response somehow signifies that I "couldn't" answer whatever point you may have been trying to make. Please, utilise a little common sense and email unto others as you would have them email unto you.

Don't send me "religious spam" trying to get me to buy anything which you may have to sell. I get enough of that from the automated spammers, and I don't need this email address getting clogged up too.

Don't insist on resending something which has been deleted over and over again, as if I will suddenly answer it after the umpteenth time. I won't. I have very great patience when it comes to standing by something I've posted on here. Longer than you have. Guaranteed. You will be blocked before you will be answered.

Don't send large, appended files in your email, at least without prior permission. If you have an article or something which you wish me to read, kindly provide a URL, if possible, or if not, provide some other means of locating the information (citation, etc.). If a file must be sent, at least contact me and ask first before sending it.